These Incredibly Derpy Animals Prove That It's Not Just Humans Who Are Capable Of Being Silly

Derpy animals are everywhere, if you look hard enough, especially on Google image search. Perhaps you even have one as a pet. Derpy, if you needed reminding, is defined by the OED online as "Foolish or stupid." That can be the way someone, or an animal, acts or the way it looks. Tongues sticking out are often a sign, as is eye-crossing, pair the two together and that's definitely derp.

Of course a derpy animal isn't looking stupid all the time, well, hopefully not. But when it gets caught at the right moment, the derp surfaces and that's when you need to swoop in and snap a photo. That way you can upload it online and the whole internet can share in the glee of your pet looking silly.

No doubt if your pet ever found out it would no doubt hate you for slandering its image online. But, unless they invent the internet for animals, which one day they may—but until that day, it's going to provide hours (OK, minutes) of amusement for people who appreciate derpy animals. Which is pretty much anyone looking to avoid working.

It's also a great reminder that even in the animal kingdom, which is rife with moments of grace, beauty, dexterity, and splendour—the type we associate with David Attenborough wildlife documentaries—also gives way to total and utter and hilarious derpiness.

Along with that, animals whether they're acting derpy or just being totally daft at the end remind us of ourselves.

Those derpy animals are but a mirror unto our own derpiness. And it's too cute too. So without further ado here are 38 half-baked herp-derp heroes that will bring a smile to your face.

And if clicking through a gallery proves a bit too derpy for you, there's a video below of various derpy animals as well. Enjoy. And derp.

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