Mission To Mars: Björn Borg's Latest Sportswear Range Is Perfect For Astronauts In Training

If you're in training for the first manned mission to Mars one important question is, what are you going to wear? When you get there you'll no doubt be wearing some kind of spacesuit that can combat the Martian conditions, one of which is an atmosphere made up of mostly carbon dioxide. But what about while you're prepping?

At Fashion Week in Stockholm Björn Borg recently showcased their SS16 collection—sportswear, swimwear, underwear, shoes and accessories—which takes inspiration from the idea of a manned mission to Mars. Particularly the Mars One project, a nonprofit who want to put the first people on Mars around 2020 and create a permanent human colony on the planet by 2027. Astronauts will be selected from willing volunteers.

Borg's sportswear range in particular showcases the types of garments a Mars One astronaut might wear while training for such a bold, brave, and frankly insane mission.

"The SS16 show is inspired by the concept of breaking new frontiers for the love of mankind. Mars One epitomises this idea and our show is a tribute to the bravery and faith these pioneers show by venturing to the unknown for the sake of evolution and innovation." says James Lee, Head of Design at Björn Borg. "The journey sets the scene for the show featuring our fashion sportswear collection that is perfectly fit for the ultimate challenge – training for Mars!"

Who knows what these astronauts might encounter when they get to the red planet, but at least they'll look super stylish while preparing for it.


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