Photos You Need To Look Twice At--60 Images Of People That Totally Defy All The Rules Of Nature

Some people (who are these people?) say a picture is worth a thousand words. Wrong! That definitely doesn't apply here, actually, all that's needed is just one word - "WTF!?!" - because it doesn't matter how many words you try to use, your brain will never fully understand what is actually happening in these 60 photos.

All of these images require a long second look to fully comprehend just how a clever mixture of perfect timing, composition, subject matter and more than a little bit of luck can produce something that hurts your brain when you look at it.

It's like some perverted optical illusion that messes with your mind, but don't panic, once you have figured out just what is going on in the photos the world returns to a state of calm and leaves you safe in the knowledge that you are totally in control of making sense of what you see. Until you look at the next picture.


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