Pizza Hut's 'Blockbuster Box' Turns Into A Lo-fi DIY Movie Projector For Your Smartphone

Movies and pizza are good friends and now Pizza Hut have furthered that relationship by creating a box that doubles as a projector. The box is currently only available at selected stores in Hong Kong where pizza-eaters get their pie delivered in custom-made boxes that can be tweaked to show a movie projected on your wall.

The Blockbuster Box was designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong and features a special pizza protector with a lens, which can be popped out of the protector and inserted into a hole in the side of the box.

You then prop your smartphone up on the protector's legs and point it towards the hole. It magnifies the display and you have yourself a lo-fi movie projector.

There are four different boxes each with a corresponding QR code that can be scanned with your phone for you to receive a free movie which corresponds to the theme of the box's design.

Fully Loaded box is for action movies, Slice Night for scary ones, Hot & Ready for romance, and Anchovy Armageddon for sci-fi. There's not one yet for disaster movies, but i'm surprised they haven't thought of just delivering empty pizza boxes to cover that genre.

Come on, admit it, how frikking cool is this, i'm hoping that in the near future, if you order 2 of the same pizzas, you can watch the movie in 3D.


It's all very gimmicky, because lets face it, the projection quality isn't going to be very good. Plus, your phone's going to be in the pizza box meaning it'll get covered in pizza juice and the volume is going to be pretty muffled.

Still, nice idea, just wish it wasn't only in Hong Kong.


Anchovy Armageddon box for sci-fi movies.


Slice Night Box for scary movies.


Fully Loaded box for action movies.


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