'Projection Napping' Sees Sleeping Giants Cover New York Skyscrapers And Apartments

In a contrast to the city that never sleeps, Brookln-based art collective Dawn Of Man have been installing a series of video projections onto various buildings around New York City.

The projections are huge images of people having a doze, leaning against apartment block walls or slumped in hammocks hanging between two windows catching some Zs. The projections are part of an ongoing series of video installations that use "the latest in projection napping technology."

The idea is to create some moments of calm and serenity in a bustling city that's always on the move. "These massive nappers were projected throughout NYC over the course of several weeks, occurring unannounced, and each lasting only for a few hours." say the group. "An unsuspecting audience usually emerges at each location, often sparked with intrigue, sometimes enlightenment, and always a whole lot of questions."

I'd imagine the whole experience leaves you wanting to find a cozy spot nearby and just have a quick ten minute sleep. And why not.


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