Video Shows Tesla S Model In 'James Bond' Mode 'Swimming' Through A Flooded Tunnel

It's usually only James Bond cars that can seamlessly go from driving on dry land to maneuvring through water. And logic dictates that when something electric meets H20 the outcome is not something you want to be around when it happens, let alone sitting in. Especially an electrically powered car.

But it seems Elon Musk's Tesla Model S can do it, as can be seen in this video which shows the car 'swimming' through a flooded tunnel in Kazakhstan. Maybe that's because the driver engaged the Tesla's 'James Bond submarine' mode (even though the secret Easter Egg isn't actually a real feature).

That's not to say this is an actual functionality of the car or that it's recommended that you suddenly let your Tesla Model S become a boat. But this driver managed to negotiate through some flood waters by just casually driving his car across and out to dry land on the other side.

As website Electrek points out though, be wary of trying it yourself:

You simply don’t want the entire undercarriage of your vehicle to be submerged regardless of if it consists of a large battery pack or an exhaust line. In the case of the Model S, the battery pack is sealed, but there are still plenty of complications from submerging the vehicle.

The guy driving the car in the vid seems to guide it well through the water though, and Musk himself saw the post by Electrek and responded with a tweet.

So there you go. Musk also tweeted that although the Tesla Model S isn't it (or is it, see the video below), he's still looking to make an electric submarine car that can go on land and water.

Just like James Bonds' in The Spy Who Loved Me which is what TSWLM stands for in the tweet below.

For those of you non-believers who stil don't think that the Tesla S model has a 'James Bond' mode take a look at this video:

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