'Bored Elon Musk' Is A Hilarious Twitter Parody That Imagines What The Man Creates In His Downtime

Elon Musk is known for being one of the founders of Paypal, along with having one foot in tomorrow. A man who founded Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and also invented the Tesla Powerwall, a new way of getting solar energy for your home. He's definitely a man who is passionate about his vision.

But, do you ever wonder what someone like that does in their downtime?

Does he chill out with the latest Jack Reacher novel and let his brain wind down? Of course not! He spends his relax time coming up with more, albeit less worthy, inventions.

At least, he does in the Twitter parody account Bored Elon Musk, which has been imagining, since 2013, what fictional inventions Musk might come up with while, say, waiting in the airport lounge.

Or while stuck in a traffic jam sat in his latest Tesla car.

Take a look below at our pick of the best hilarious ideas that Bored Elon comes up with, some of which are so totally silly, that when they eventually sink in, you suddenly realize that they could actually be a great solution to many of today's first world problems. The man's a genius.

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