Woman Thinks She's A Cat Trapped In A Human Body, Likes To Hiss At Dogs When They Go Past

Sometimes we can all feel like we might have been born in the wrong decade, our sensibilities more akin to the cultures of yore. It's not often you believe you've been born into the wrong species however, but a woman from Norway believes just that. And no, this is not some sort of sub-plot for the new Batman movie.

The woman in question is called Nano, a 20-year-old Norwegian, um, cat. Well, woman. But a woman who likes to crawl around on all fours, meow, can see really well at night, and drinks milk from a bowl. And likes to curl up on windowsills or in the sink to sleep, just like a feline.

You may think that Nano is just going through some weird phase that she'll grow out of, and that's what her psychologist says too, but she rejects that claim. And so does her friend Svein who appears in the short doc above by reporter Silje Ese. Svein has a cat-like personality too, but doesn't feel like he's actually a cat trapped in a human body like Nano.

Svein and Nano do like to communicate to each other by meowing though. "Suddenly I start meowing or she does. And then we answer each other and communicate by cat language." explains Svein.

Nano concludes that it can be exhausting living this way, but says you get used to living with how a cat acts and having cat instincts. And you have to admire her dedication to the cat life.

If it's how she wants to live, so be it. I just wouldn't want to be the person cleaning out the litter tray, that's all.


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