Domestic Cat Adopts A Baby Lynx - Feeds And Cares For It - After It Was Abandoned By Its Mother

If all else fails, send in a cat. A cat came to the rescue at Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia after a baby lynx's mother refused to feed it, due to it being the runt of the litter.

Nika the lynx was left rejected and abandoned so, after a zookeeper saw she wasn't getting any nourishment, the zoo thought up a solution.

Which was to bring in a domesticated cat, owned by one of the employees at the zoo, who had just given birth to kittens. The idea was that, due to it being in full-on mothering mode, it would accept the lynx as one of her own and start nursing and grooming it, which she did. Nika is now eating better and growing very fast.

"Now Nika is bigger than an ordinary domestic kitten and will soon be bigger than her foster mom." said the zoo. "Nika is feeling well, she's growing and waiting for her first vaccination."

And now Disney are looking to get the rights to make it into an animation, which they'll then remake into a live-action movie in a few years' time. Probably.

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