Paperback Paradise - An Insane Bookstore That Sells 1980s Kids Books With Hilarious New Titles

If you were a kid of reading age in the 1980s then chances are you'll probably recognize a lot of the books being "sold" at "the world's #1 used book store" Paperback Paradise. Well, you'll recognise the artworks on the book jackets, but the titles might not be so familiar to you.

That's because Paperback Paradise isn't really a bookstore at all, it's a parody twitter account that pretends it's a bookstore selling old 1980s books. But the account photoshops the titles from them turning them into books with far more adult themes and concepts.

30 years ago these kinds of books were what could be found in the Young Adult section of the bookstore. It was way before the days of Harry Potter and novels that would be movie-generating box office behemoths.

Instead it was all somewhat cheesy stories about high school, horses, Scooby Doo-style mysteries, and high adventure. The sort of things that young adults would love to read (did we?).

And the illustrations were basically ripe for someone to come along and put an inappropriate title on to re-frame the context into something far more adult, but far more entertaining too.

So that's whats someone's done.

Chances are the person behind this has serious sanity issues but you have to admit the results are hilarious.

Below are some of our favorites, check Paperback Paradise's Twitter for many more.

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