Every Wondered What You Look Like As A Dog? Twitter Account @YouAreDogNow Will Show You

Just imagine it. Somewhere out in the big wide world out there is your dog doppelganger. Neither of you are aware of the other...until now. Twitter account YouAreDogNow is providing a public service like no other. If you tweet a picture to them of yourself they will honor that picture with your dog twin.

People have also been tweeting in pictures of celebrities, like Trump, Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, and the account has been diligently finding their doggy doppelgangers too.

The results are pretty damn good too, as well as being hilarious. The question remains though, just how are they finding these lookalike mutts?

Maybe it's some kind of image recognition software that analyses the pic and then scours the internet for dog pictures that are similar. Or maybe, just maybe, the person who runs the account is familiar with every dog on the planet and can find a match as if by magic. Or maybe they just do a Google search.

Either way, check out some of our favs below. And tweet at them @YouAreDogNow for your own doggy counterpart. You know you won't be able to resist.

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