'Texts From Your Ex'—Welcome To The Valentines Graveyard Of Broken Relationships

Valentines day is upon us and while, for some of us, texts from your ex doesn't really apply, instead it being a romantic oppertunity to express our feelings of love to that special other, especially if they have no idea you feel that way about them. However there will be some of us who will be getting texts from your ex - Texts that you might be reading while spending the evening alone crying into a meal-for-one with only a pillow to cuddle as you rock gently in your chair remembering all the good and funny times you had with your lost love.

Before they stamped on your heart as they broke up with you and left.

But for all the heartbroken lovers out there thinking "Should I text my ex?" or are still trying to figure out where it all went wrong and are desperately trying to re-ignite the fires of a long-dead relationship, it's probably best to avoid with EXTREME caution looking at the posts from Instagram account Texts From Your Ex. The account asks users to send in real examples from when your ex texts you—and the results are hilarious, if devastating.

It's an amusing graveyard of real (well, as real as it can get on the internet) and very desperate texts from exes that are so ridiculous you just have to show them to a friend to prove you haven’t dreamt them up. It features some of the funniest ex texts you're likely to come across.

The account’s followers are joining in their thousands, promising 'real texts from your ex' as former boyfriends and girlfriends are given the chance to vent their anger, or share their amusement, by sending screenshots of the SMS conversations in via email, or through Instagram.

Be amused. Be afraid. Oh, and Happy Valentines!

Oh yes. Oh you betcha!

Seems pretty sure

Need. To. Get. Attention

"I want my Jamie Oliver cookbook back"

Way out of your league.

"If only you knew..."

"Just putting that out there"

A breakup can really eat away at you.

Every person alive has one of these

Maturity is key in relationships

"I don't want to blow up your phone..."

"I don't have Tinder"


"This is Adam's girlfriend"

John Mayer reminds me of how much I love you, babe.

Ten gold stars for use of "cool story, bro"

This is more of a "phone call convo" than a casual text, don't you think?

Happy Thanksgiving

Reciprocal feelings.

Oh, that explains it.

You. Have. A. Wife. And. Baby.

Persistence is key.

"Twig Bitch"

Well, that's pretty direct. Welcome, new followers. Thank for joining us. We promise to try and make this page as great as we possibly can. And we hope you don't die in your sleep

"I've got better"

Everyone wants the last word

We. Are. Never. Ever. Ever. Getting. Back. Together.

He wants you back

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