Drunk Much? 50 Hilarious Reasons Why It's Not A Good Idea To Pass Out At A Party—Ever

Friends are there to look out for you, to be a rock in your time of need. Except, it doesn't always pan out like that, especially if there's alcohol involved. Especially if there's alcohol involved AND you pass out.

Those two things combined are an invitation to your friends to get as creative as they want, using your body as the canvas. From the classic Buckaroo type game of piling as many objects as possible onto your slumbered buddy, to drawing on their face to duct-taping them to the wall, these photos show that friends can be a-holes.

And that people can be ingenious when the mood takes them.

But there are many reasons not to pass out drunk in the company of friends, because as well as the fact that you might wake up with a face that looks like it's been torn from the pages of a kids' coloring book, there's also the FOMO. Who knows what good times they may have had without you? Those bastards.

And if you still need another shot of related drunk LOLZ then check out the hilarious video below.

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