Adorable 80-Year-Old Grandparents Play 'Up' Piano Duet To Celebrate 60th Anniversary

The opening to the Pixar movie Up is one of the most heartfelt and heartbreaking beginnings to any animated movie ever. In a the opening minutes we run through the joyful, and ultimately tragic, moments in the life of Carl and Ellie.

The piece is soundtracked by the song "Married Life" which, like all good music, whenever you hear it you're immediately brought back to the magic of the scene. And now a couple, both in their 80s, decided it would be the perfect song to play as a duet to celebrate 60 years of marriage.

Their pair, grandparents to Jason Lyle Black a pianist himself who uploaded the video, have played duets on the piano together since they married back in 1955. The piano they're using for this rendition is a a restored, by the grandpa, antique Civil War-era Steinway.

Along with the music, and the pair's clothes, the video also pays homage to the movie using various props, including Carl's tennis-ball cane, the “Adventure Book,” and also a “Squirrel!” reaction from the family dog.

Black also makes an appearance at the end dressed in a “Wilderness Explorer” uniform, just like Russell in the movie.

Just in case your tears aren't running out of your eyes fast enough then here's a heartfelt reminder of married life with Carl and Ellie. Sob away, you've earned it.

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