50 Terrifying Face Swaps That Are Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares Forever

The power of the face swap is such that it both repels and attracts. Seeing two human faces exchanged for one another, or a human face and a doll swapping places, is certainly something that makes you feel a little ill.

But you can't help yourself from looking, can you?

This gallery of horrors runs the gamut of face swaps, there is man and baby, baby and plastic egg, a child and their toy, there's even someone face swapped with a plug socket. Even face swapped with their own flabby stomach!

Before face swapping was only something someone with Photoshop open on their computer could do, but now there's an app so anyone can do it and post the abysmal results.

Such is the power and march of technology. What a time to be alive. If you want more facial exchanges check out the compilation below.

Sweet dreams.

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