Father And Son's Hilarious Dubsmash Compilation Is A First Year's Worth of Parenting Done Right

Most parents record the first year of their child's life by snapping some photos, shooting some videos, and keeping any "art" they might make. But this dad has gone to new creative levels by recording a year's worth of him and his son (although it's mostly him) playing Dubsmash.

The dad's lip syncing skills are off the chain, as you'll see in this hilarious compilation which, if you're a parent, will no doubt make you wish you'd recorded a year's worth of Dubsmash with your infant.

From David Attenborough narrations to quotes from movies like Hook, Gladiator, and Harry Potter, to belting out 4 Non Blondes, Justin Timberlake, and Whitney Houston, it's nothing short of inspired.

After dad Bruce saw his sister-in-law using the app, he decided he wanted in on the action. So, when Bruce's wife was away working weekends him and his son, Jack, would work on their Dubsmash game.

It's pretty much the most entertaining baby video, if you're not the parent or a relative of the child, that you'll ever likely to see. Honest

And even if you haven't got kids yet and hate those endless Facebook posts made of newborns/toddlers/kids bt your 'so-called' friends that have putting you off being a parent for life, this video 'might' just change you mind.



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