The Cast Of 'Star Trek Beyond' Are Totally Obessesed With The Dubsmash App

You've probably heard of Dubsmash by now, it's the app that people use to lip sync over pop songs and funny videos (come on, admit it, you've tried it). But mere mortals using it just isn't the same as when celebrities try it out, especially if those celebs just happen to be the cast of Star Trek Beyond.

Over the last few weeks the cast have been tweeting loads and loads of videos of the Enterprise crew—Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, John Cho, Zachary Quinto, and Sofia Boutella—lip syncing to all kinds of songs, film clips, even classic viral videos like the Psycho Dog Man.

The clips all take place either on set, which looks like a lot of fun, or on the press tour and are very entertaining to watch. The whole cast seem to be obsessed with it, especially John Cho, who's posted probably the most.

While they are very amusing, some of them strike a more sad tone because they feature the actor Anton Yelchin (featured below) who died in a tragic car accident last month.

But they're a lovely tribute to him (Yelchin appeared in Star Trek as Enterprise crewman Pavel Chekov) from his fellow cast members, along with being a tragic reminder that he died so young.

You can check out the clips in the compilation above and see some more below.

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