Edible Emojis - Food Blogger Heather Adamson Turns Her Meals Into Skillfully Arranged Faces

Remember how as a kid your mom would create a smiling face on your plate using some eggs and sausages and whatever? It was rudimentary, sure, but at least she tried. And for fussy eaters it was one more essential step for mums to get food inside their children.

Now imagine that idea but taken up a few levels in terms of creativity and skill, and you arrive at what food blogger and graphic designer Heather Adamson does. Lets call it Face Food 2.0.

Adamson blogs about food and healthy eating and has taken to using her graphic design prowess on her breakfast plate, posting the results to Instagram and the results are some simply wonderful creations that look too good to eat. But i'm sure that the the hesitation to resist won't last long.

She transforms oats, fruits, and nuts into edible emojis including a monkey, a bear, a smiley, a girl, a pig, and lots more.

So if anyone should ever tell you off for playing with your food (even though you're older enough to know better and you really shouldn't be getting told off for something like that), just tell them you're making an emoji.

Check out some of Adamson's creations below. And follow her on Instagram and YouTube for more.

Breakfaaast latergram ? it's meant to be that emoji bear but it's kind of a fail because I've ran out of half of the ingredients I would have used! Anyway! Cacao (@creativenaturesuperfoods), PB, banana and natvia oats topped with banana, chia seeds (@nyr_official) and figs (for the ears) ? then after the photo I topped it with some @coconutmerchant coconut jam (the best - also made a couple of new recipes with this yesterday)! Hope you all had a great weekend ❤️ #emojioatmealchronicles

#tbt! Smileeeee ?? (look at his lovely wee crooked coconut chip teeth haha) ✨ So my #emojioatmealchronicles creations have been featured so many times this week (on the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Metro, Be, Scotsman, Homemade By You) ... So excited! I've put a link to one of the articles in my bio ? I'll be posting a new oaty creation tomorrow (after my job interview)! ? . Also! I realised I never got back to you all about the teeth whitening kit in this picture! I tested it out and can definitely see a difference (didn't notice much the first time but definitely after the second and third time - especially the 'whitening pen') - the company (@smilesciences) have given me a discount for you all ?'Heather29' so you can get the kit for $29 (instead of the $299 on their site!!) for anyone who is interested! ?? Have a lovely happy Thursday!! Oh! And this is mango and banana oats sweetened with natvia and decorated with mango, coconut chips and chia seeds ? #vegan . Also! If you've added me on snapchat (just 'fresheather', comment yours below and I'll add you back)! ??

Happy Wednesday! ?? Hope you're all having a great day ☺️ This was my breakfast (there was granola under all that yoghurt!) - homemade granola topped with coyo, more granola, strawberries, choc coconut topper (by @wholeplus) and an apple flower thing ? (apple slices topped with yoghurt, berry powder, beetroot powder and bee pollen) ? Also in the picture is this new spin face cleansing brush I was sent to try - this thing is amaaaazing; I have been using it for the last few weeks now (in preparation for summer!) and I've definitely seen a massive difference (it has lots of different attachments for cleansing, exfoliating etc) - the company were lovely enough to give me a 70%(!) off discount code for you all ... Just enter: 'HEA4CLEAN' at the checkout on vanityplanet.com/skincare ?☀️?? #emojioatmealchronicles . And posting my next #fresheather112k feature soon! ✨?

Latergram of breakfast number two ... emoji oats ??? apple cinnamon oats, sweetened with natvia and topped with apple, yoghurt + shredded coconut (and I know her hand totally looks like a foot ??) ? Yesterday, I noticed that there are a couple of articles out about my oat creations (on Huffington Post and Be) ... So cool! So it inspired me to make more #emojioatmealchronicles ✌?️ Comment your favourite emoji for me to recreate next time! This one is dedicated to my niece @peggggyyyy ☺️✨

This morning's ? smoothie bowl - just plain old strawberries, banana, ice and almond milk (it kind of melted by the time I took the picture) topped with agave (@superfruit_com), shredded coconut (@coconutmerchant), strawberries, cashews, hazelnuts and homemade raspberry jam ? remember you can get 15% off @_thehungryelephant jewellery using the code "fresh" - this was inspired by the wee pig charm.. So cute! ? #emojioatmealchronicles (even though it's not oatmeal....)

My fave emojiii ? comment yours and I'll re-create the one that is the most popular! This was my afternoon snack (took this pic at 7pm...longer daylight hours...finallllyyyyy!! ???☀️) whilst watching GoT - who else has watched that yet?! Also, remember I have an exclusive discount code for you all on all organic burst products and bundles until the 14th April; (only two days so be quick!) - just enter 'HEATHER10' at the checkout on organicburst.com ✨ now comment your fave emoji! Go go go ? #emojioatmealchronicles

Happy Easter! ? #emojioatmealchronicles

So the decoration of this was a bit of a fail but the taste was-neigh bad (said in a Scottish accent ?) ?? Chocolate-Banana Oats for #OatasticWeekends with 1tsp mild @coconutmerchant coconut butter melted in; topped with coconut flakes for the nose strip, medjool date for the eye, @lifeboxfoodco chia seeds for the nose, kiwi skin for the ear and @squarebars for the mane! It was the new cocoa-cherry flavour Squarebar...so delicious! Think this has to be my favourite flavour yet; there is something about the chocolate-cherry flavour that is so indulgent ??? #vegan

Sunday oat art ? unlike the colour suggests, this was actually delicious! Sweet lucuma flavour (with hemp protein, maca, spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass and chlorella - @purplebalance raw protein powder) oats cooked with water, a small banana and 2tsp coconut sugar ? #oatasticweekends

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