Facebook Troll Makes Fake Target Account & Gives Hilarious Replies To Gender-Neutral Haters

Target recently announced that it was labelling its toys for children as gender-neutral, meaning no more signs that say things like "Building Sets" and "Girl's Building Sets"—and it was met by the majority of people as a great step forwards, because why wouldn't it be?

But some idiots decided to take to Target's Facebook page and voice their opinions on the matter, detailing their distaste and anger that Target chose to do such a positive thing.

So up stepped Mike Melgaard who as a form of social justice, but mainly just for the lulz, decided to troll those people. And troll them hard. Check some of the best ones out in the gallery above.

He set up a Facebook page called "Ask For Help" with Target's company logo as the profile pic and pretended he was from Target customer service. Then dutifully began responding to their posts. Only his responses weren't your usual customer service, they weren't very nice at all.

Instead they're full of sarcasm and snide comments. And it's hilarious.

Talking to Ad Week he said, "Immediately, I knew there would be your typical outraged American spouting emotional reactions on their Facebook page. After taking a look, I was literally laughing out loud at my computer. A few more minutes in and it struck me how hilarious it would be to portray myself as a parody customer service rep."

And you'll be glad that he did.

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