Are You Human? Answer Some OF Ze Frank's Simple Questions And Find Out

Most likely you know internet funnyman Ze Frank from his series of hilarious "True Facts About" videos which detail, in a Morgan Freeman voice and with complete conviction, hilarious untruths about the animal kingdom.

And if you're familiar with those you'll be pleased to know he recently did a Ted Talk and it's just as brilliantly off-the-wall as those videos. Titled "Are you human?" it starts off with the profound question: "Have you ever eaten a booger long past your childhood?"

He continues with the great observational humor—said in Morgan Freeman's voice, naturally—and builds to a crescendo of poignancy exploring our collective insecurities and quirks. All in under five minutes. Sublime.

Check out Ze Franks previous Ted Talks, from 2010 and 2007, below.

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