Beautiful Nostalgia Overload With 50 Colorized Photos From The Last Century (And Beyond)

It's hard to imagine but less than 50 years ago most of mass media we now take for granted was reported in black & white, we're talking TV, magazines, newspapers and pretty much any camera intended for home usage.

We've come a long way since the end of the 1960's and looking back you can't help but feel everything looks so damn old-fashioned, from a bygone age we have all forgotten about.

But add some color and all of a sudden that imagery from yesteryear takes on a new look and helps us visualize what the world that most of us only know as black and white looked like.

The planet is an amazing place, just imagine what life today will look like to people in another 50 years?

Have a look at some of these photos documenting the wonder of mankind from the beginnings of photography.


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