These Incredible Hand Art Illusions Are So Realistic You're Going To Need To Look Twice

When people talk about hand art visions of creative nail painting, henna hand designs or maybe even tattoos come to mind, but nothing like this, especially if you happen to be called Jordan Molina.

He has some completely different ideas about what hand art should really be, and they are amazing.

Jordan runs the YouTube channel TutoDraw where he gives tutorials on drawing along with showing off his own skills at speed drawing, painting, portrait drawing, and also his hand art illusions.

He's collected 20 of his most popular ones into a compilation and what this guy can do with a paintbrush and some colored pencils is astonishing.

From drawing realistic-looking eyes on the palm of his hand to mini swimming pools, to making it appear like he's got a huge hole in his hand. He also does an impressive Iron Man hand light and a floating ball.

They range from the amazing to the downright creepy, like the last one in the video that does a pretty good job of convincing you Molina has sliced the ends of his fingers off.

With Halloween fast approaching, this is the guy you're going to want decorating your palms. Or maybe just do it outside of Halloween and head out onto the streets to casually prank anyone who glances at your hands.


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