This Compilation Of People Freaking Out In Public Is Both Hilarious And Despairing

There's nothing more awkward yet secretly hilarious than witnessing a person freaking out in public. Of course, if it's you having the freak out then it's terrible and anyone looking on, or God forbid videoing it, should be ashamed of themselves.

But when it's someone else, distanced by a computer screen and compiled together into an easily-digestible video, then why not delight in some rather amusing internet schadenfreude?

These people will definitely make you feel a lot better about yourself while simultaneously making you despair for all humanity.

A weird combination of emotions, but hey, take what you can get.

If you just happen to be hungry for more public freak outs then take a while to check out the first and third compilation in this series, below.

Then make with the head shaking.

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