People Smoke Weed Together While On A Blind Date, Ends in Lots Of Giggles And Hilarity

A blind date might not be the ideal place to smoke weed together for the first time as you nervously try and make conversation and take some hits from the bong. But that doesn't mean to say you shouldn't do it. It's the perfect ice breaker, for a start. You can bypass all that awkward getting to know you stuff. Just as long as long as The Fear doesn’t take hold. Normally you throw in some alcohol too and that's when a blind date can get interesting.

There's no alcohol here though, but there is plenty of giggling and asking of hilarious questions.

Admittedly these questions come from the producers behind this latest offering from Cut Video. The company have previous with this type of stuff, as they have explored all the variants of awkward social situations and given the world videos about couples having sex, or couples explaining how to talk dirty to each other. Along with also showing a bunch of grandmas smoking weed for the first time and some retired cops hitting the bong.

Why Choose Strangers To Smoke Weed Together?

People Smoke Weed Together While On A Blind Date - 01.

This latest one moves away from couples and people who know each other though, and focuses on couples who know absolutely nothing about each other, which adds to the tension of 'what will happen?'. That's the hook.

But it does stick with the tried and tested format of getting strangers to smoke weed together, which as we know is a winning formula and not to be messed with. Although you do wonder if any of the participants in this particular video smoked a little too much weed, journeyed down the paranoia rabbit hole and totally freaked out.

Not that we'd get to see that, if it had happened.

Still, it's lots of fun when the smoking weed format is thrown in with the fact that it's a blind date too, plus some awkward personal questions. Like, what noise do you make when having sex. It all adds up for some blind dates to remember. Or, depending on how much weed they smoke, maybe not.

Cut Video also provide some catering for their blind date attendees too, perfect stoner fodder like cereal and Cheetos to stave off the munchies.

And there's also some intimacy too. Well, if you count shotgunning weed as intimacy.

People Smoke Weed Together While On A Blind Date - 99a.

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