The Internet Has Its Merciless Way With Jared Leto's New Tattooed Joker

On Saturday filmmaker David Ayer, who's directing the upcoming Suicide Squad movie due out in 2016, tweeted a picture of Jared Leto as Batman's greatest supervillain, the Joker. The director had previously only teased some shots Leto with green hair posing with a camera—which was a reference to the cover of Alan Moore and illustrator Brian Bolland's classic 1988 graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke.

A few days ago however fans were treated to the full-on Leto Joker, which has quite an illustrious cinematic past to live up to. Not to mention the legions of fan who have their own favorite style of this arch nemesis. Firstly there's Jack Nicholson's incarnation and then perhaps the seminal filmic version—Heath Ledger The Dark Knight.

Here's what Leto's version looks like:

Reactions were, let's say, mixed. But then to be fair when images first appeared of Ledger as the Joker people weren't too happy. Anyway, Twitter made it clear exactly how it felt, taking no prisoners and readying its copies of Photoshop to make a mockery of Leto and Ayer's interpretation of this beloved character. Let's take a look shall we.

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