An Abstracted Lamborghini Is The Basis For The Bizarre-Looking Lo Res Car From United Nude

Imagine, for a moment, if a car wasn't a car but instead was like some kind of minimalist sculpture on wheels. That's basically what you have with this experimental vehicle design by fashion brand United Nude. As part of their Lo Res project they've created...a Lo Res Car.

"The Lo Res design method is based on the principle of re-designing the same object in a series, each time lowering the 3D resolution, resulting in a more fragmented and abstract design each step of the way" note the company.

To get to their Lo Res Car they lowered the 3D resolution of the Lamborghini Countach, which was designed by Marcello Gandini in the 1970s, until it was abstracted beyond recognition.

Although they iterate that it is an experiment the car does work and has two seats—the passenger sits behind the driver and it runs on an electric engine with a top speed of about 30mph. It doesn't go any faster for safety reasons.

It doesn't have any doors either, but instead the entire polycarbonate body lifts up as one big door to let you climb in. It's due to be exhibited in LA soon.

Meanwhile United Nude say they'll continue to design more cars. No doubt they'll be just as weird.


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