And So To Bed: Bizarre New App Good2Go Clarifies Whether Users Agree To Consensual Sex

A new app has been released which aims to clear up the issue of whether that drunken sex you had the other night was entirely consensual. Yep, as weird as that sounds it exists.

Called Good2Go the app lets users record certains details like how wasted they are and their mutual interest in getting it on, before they get down to business.

Firstly you download the app then hand it over to your would-be sexual partner and it takes them through a series of questions to determine whether they're ready to have sex.

Then the final screen asks "Are We Good2Go?" with a series of three answers that you can click.


Here's the text which accompanies the video on YouTube:

Good2Go App is a simple consent mobile phone app for iOS and Android phones that targets college-age adults. Good2Go App seeks to prevent or reduce sexual abuse, miscommunication, or regretted activities by facilitating communication and creating a pause before sexual activity so that both parties can ask and gain affirmative consent.

Good2Go App includes a sobriety questionnaire so that both parties know if affirmative consent can be granted. If the partner who is being asked if he or she is "Good2Go?" is too incapacitated, consent cannot be granted.

The app is free and simple to use. Only one party needs to download it prior to use.

Lee Ann Allman, one of the creators of the app, stated she was inspired to make it after talking with her college-aged kids about sexual assault on campuses across the country:

"They are very aware of what's happening, and they’re worried about it, but they’re confused about what to do. They don’t know how they should be approaching somebody they’re interested in. Kids are so used to having technology that helps them with issues in their lives.”

It if all seems a bit strange—like why can't you just talk instead of using an app?—then there's also questions relating to privacy surrounding the app. The Washington Post has an article which questions their privacy policies, noting how user's data—phone numbers and names of people you have sex with—is vulnerable to hackers and can also be shared with third-parties at the will of Good2Go.

"Per its privacy policy, Good2Go can share that information with law enforcement, 'third-party service providers' and e-mail marketers — or anyone else, really, 'for any reason, in Good2Go’s sole discretion.'" the paper notes. It's not entirely encouraging and should definitely make you think twice before signing up.

Here's what people on Twitter had to say about it all:

Food for thought people……food for thought.

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