Lego Hipster Minifigures Complete With Facial Hair And Fixie Bikes Are Too Cool To Be Mainstream

If it exists, chances are there's a Lego version of it. Those little, loveable blocky bricks have an entire alternate universe of kits and models. Films, comics, princesses, towns, street scenes, dinosaurs, spaceships, and now you can add to that ever-growing list, hipsters.

The Guardian recently asked the Danish company to create some Lego hipsters to coincide with Copenhagen fashion week. And they're unmistakable with their beards, fixie bikes, and black-rimmed glasses.

Tara Wike, a design manager for Lego, told the Guardian:

Danes do monochrome in a big way so the Lego hipster girls keep it simple in black and grey, topped off by the ubiquitous black designer glasses. For the men, we teamed a blazer with a button-down shirt and mismatched suit trousers as well as a classic leather jacket with a striped T-shirt underneath. And of course, facial hair. Beards are big for Danish hipsters – the bigger the better.

All Lego need to do now are make some cool-looking, non-mainstream coffee shops and they will suddenly have a brand new audience of eager buyers desperate to have a new place to enjoy a skinny flat white made with a wild Himalayan roast.


Photographs: David Levene

via The Guardian

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