It's Official! Conspiracy Theorists Will Pretty Much Believe Anything You Tell Them

The government is putting Viagra in the atmosphere using airplane chemtrails. Now, you might think that statement is preposterous and laughable and must be some kind of joke. And you'd be right.

But the people on a conspiracy theory page took it as gospel.

It was just one of the thousands of comments scientists made to conspiracy theory pages and science news pages on Facebook to troll the users and see how they'd react. Unsurprisingly, while the science news visitors thought the comments were utter drivel, the conspiracy theorists lapped them right up.

YouTube user Rebecca Watson discusses the study in her video on conspiracy theorists, even questioning why such a study which such obvious results needed to be conducted in the first place.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Watson is a tool of the Illuminati, sent to ridicule and undermine those who know THE TRUTH so we can continue to be mind-controlled by the Lizard Beings from their hub at the center of the planet. The problem is you never really know.


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