Animal Facts - Prankster 'Obvious Plant' Places Hilarious Fake Signs At Los Angeles Zoo

Prankster and comedian Jeff Wysaski (aka Obvious Plant) has given his own take on the signs you get at zoos with his latest creation titled 'Animal Fact', telling you about the animal you're looking at, it's habitat and so on. Except Wysaski's facts aren't necessarily informative, but they are very entertaining.

You'll learn such untruths as the southern crested screamer can see ghosts and ducklings like to play the trombone. Like I said, not strictly factual but very funny.

But although most people reading about Wysaski's prank saw the funny side the zoo itself didn't—and, sadly, they didn't keep the signs up. Some people are such killjoys.

“The fake signs were posted around the zoo on June 30 by a guest without our knowledge, but they were promptly taken down by zoo staff,” a zoo spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

They could have left just one of them up at least, as a sort of momento, no? Oh well. At least the Los Angeles Zoo have got some free PR.

And next time you're at a zoo memorize a couple of these and you can misinform the children while you're there. Keeps their minds fresh. Because kids need to learn stuff, even if it isn't exactly true.

Plus they'll never be able to look at Phillip the flamingo without getting angry again.


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