This Insightful Video Is Like Quantum Physics for Dummies - But With Added Ducks

The world of subatomic particles and their behaviors is not easily grasped, which is why this quantum physics for dummies video, titled 'Quantum Mechanics in 5 Minutes,' is incredibly helpful. It's by British YouTuber exurb1a and it uses ducks to explore the tricky world of tiny, tiny particles and how they interact.

The video begins with the quantum physics for dummies explanation of a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement using the idea of duck buddies. Which is when two subatomic particles (or ducks) have an effect on each other even though they may be vast distances apart. The even stranger thing is that this interaction is instantaneous, seemingly happening faster than the speed of light.

Yet as Einstein theorized which later experiments proved, the speed of light is the fastest anything in the universe can travel. So how is this happening? As exurb1a so eloquently notes in the video it's due to a well understood effect in physics called NOBODY F*CKIN' KNOWS.

Quantum Physics for Dummies And Ducks

quantum physics for dummies 02.

So, yeah, as well as using ducks as a metaphor the video also throws in plenty of humor too. Then, next up in quantum physics for dummies, is electrons and their weird ass behavior. Because sometimes they act likes waves, as in sound waves.

Other times, like when you fix them with some kind of measuring equipment, their state becomes fixed and they turn into particles. This is known, exurb1a notes, as the 'Wave Particle Doozy'—not it's official title but certainly one that defines the fact nobody knows why it does it.

Exurb1a's quantum physics for dummies tutorial then moves onto some other explanations. Which involve ducks being everywhere, superimposition, and using your mom's dick pics to explain qubits and quantum computing.

By the end of it all you'll know doubt be amused, but hopefully also somewhat educated about the highly complex world of quantum mechanics too. The one big takeaway you'll also have is, NOBODY KNOWS WHY ANY OF THIS HAPPENS. Which is both slightly troubling but also rather nice too.

Check out more from exurb1a at his YouTube page.

quantum physics for dummies 01.

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