The New Dazzling 2017 Lexus LIT IS Pimped With 41,999 LEDs, But Sadly You Can't Buy It

If you are going to pimp your ride to the max and make is stand out at night while you're busy cruisin' down the boulevard and looking as cool as a customized cucumber then you need to be seen, and what better way to do that than add some exterior lighting to stand out and be noticed. The more the better, right?

But the one problem you face is that you're not allowed to drive along with your interior car lights on because it's a distraction to other drivers. But just for a moment imagine the epic disruption you would cause hurtling along in a car covered in 41,999 LEDs. That's what's featured on the new 2017 Lexus LIT IS.

The car is a custom 2017 Lexus IS which has been covered top to bottom with thousands of programmable LEDs, turning the car into a canvas where all kinds of mesmerizing patterns flash and erupt across its surface.

In a video just released (above) the car can be seen displaying a whole range of impressive designs and modes, with the lights reacting to both music and hand gestures. And the result is nothing short of spectacular.

2017 Lexus LIT IS Pimped With 41999 LEDs

Lexus state it comes in three different modes, which it describes below:

Attract mode features a loop of colorful graphics that highlight the strong lines of the IS and play into its bold styling. Music Viz mode is designed to respond to music, as the LEDs will create custom, responsive displays that perfectly sync to any song. Gesture mode allows the motion of the LED animations to be controlled by users’ hand movements with the help of a gaming console. This mode directly connects the car and the driver, allowing the person to send a signal and see the car respond.

There's no doubting it sounds completely badass, but there's no way you're going to be able to buy one. For one it's highly illegal to have moving lights on the outside of your car.

Plus this extravagant but very cool-looking vehicle was created as a collaboration with Vevo to feature in the music video for Dua Lipa's song "Be The One."

But that doesn't mean we won't be seeing it again. Check out the music video below.

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