'ISIS Karaoke' - Hilarious Twitter Account Sees The Terrorist Group 'Dropping Songs, Not Bombs'

ISIS is a group not known for its tolerance. And one thing they can't tolerate is Western pop music. So what better way to troll them than set up a parody twitter account using images of them spouting their inflated rhetoric and propaganda, and furnish the image with pop lyrics.

The resulting juxtaposition is pure comedy, and it's extra fun because you know it's something they'd hate.

So we get ISIS members rapping Snoop Dogg, mouthing along to the Pussy Cat Dolls, voguing to Madonna, and declaring their appreciation for rotund derrières.

The Twitter page was set up by a 32-year-old man called Jimmy who is neither a fan of ISIS or Karaoke. He told website Buzzfeed that, "Mel Brooks once said something about laughing at the barbaric (in his case the nazis) and I guess that’s all I’m doing really. I had no idea it would blow up so quick (no pun intended)."

It's the perfect way to ridicule the terrorist organisation, and show the extremists that a catchy pop song is so much better than hate-preaching. Plus you can dance to it.

Check out some of the posts below and follow @isis_karaoke for more.

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