'Copying Spotify' - College Humor Pay Some Ironic Homage To Apple's Latest Piece Of Innovation

With the sarcasm turned all the way up to eleven, College Humor drily rip the crap out of Apple with this spoof commercial for Apple Music. It involves a mock Jonathan Ives and Tim Cook detailing how they came up with their new music streaming service.

"We present our greatest innovation yet," it goes, "Copying Spotify. Our developers looked at Spotify and asked themselves 'What works? What doesn't?' And then we said 'It's all good' let's just take the whole thing and put our name on it."

Meanwhile a visual comes up on screen with the words "F*ck it. We're Apple." And that's just the first 30 seconds.

It then never lets up, not only ridiculing Apple Music but doing so while aping the style of Apple's commercials (just like they did for Apple Watch), to add to the insult.

Still, if you just happen to be a hardcore fan of anything Apple i'm sure you will force a slight smile and be wondering to yourself what all the fuss is about.

I mean, everyone knows it's a total copy from a long line of blatant rip-off copies, but now it's an Apple product so it must be infinitely better by default, right?


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