Documentary 'The Dawn of Killer Robots' Looks At The Militarized Robots Currently Being Developed

If you're wondering which way artificial intelligence might swing, then this documentary from Motherboard won't ease your mind of any singularity type Terminator-style scenarios.

The doc follows Motherboard as they get exclusive access to US Army bomb disposal robots, the same robots that have also been weaponized, along with bipedal humanoids developed by DARPA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, which stand at six feet tall. The sort of robot that one researcher says, "do actions that we don’t want people to be involved with."

Eek. With the idea of sophisticated artificial intelligence getting closer and closer—if still some way away–they talk with Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams and renowned physicist Max Tegmark to try to understand what the future holds.

And it's a somewhat telling—and possible frightening—sign that three of the big current AI developers, ARPA, Boston Dynamics, and Google, all declined to be interviewed for the film.


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