The Difficulty Of Scoring Drugs In Palestine - The Onion Perfectly Parodies VICE With Spoof Doc

The Onion has already taken fire at digital media upstarts Buzzfeed with their brilliant parody of all things clickbait, Clickhole ("Because all content deserves to go viral")—and now they're taking on another digital media company disrupter, albeit one with an entirely different editorial style and approach.

Edge is The Onion's spoof of VICE and VICE News, and they've launched their first, and very funny, attack with the video How The Israeli Occupation Has Made It Impossible For Palestinians To Score Drugs. And they've totally nailed VICE's vérité, cocky, and gonzo-esque approach to covering international stories.

So much so that to begin with you'll be fooled into thinking you're actually watching a VICE doc, with its OTT dramatic opening montage (one shot shows a tank nose-diving off a cliff into the waters below) and a Shane Smith lookalike (Nic Moss) providing an intro.

Then comes the voiceover and Moss walks into shot saying, "We've just passed from Jerusalem into the West Bank. You can see all around me what it’s like here,” he says to the camera. "People living iunder desperate conditions, completely cut off from coke, tranquilizers, even weed. You can tell no one here is high. It sucks."

We then learn of the terrible gap between the Israel and the Palestinian territories. On the one hand you have Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where it's so easy to get high, while in Palestine "Hundreds of checkpoints and roadblocks, entire towns under curfew, people denied access to everything from shrooms to speed, no hope for a bump of crystal." Brilliant.


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