As We Wait For The The Walking Dead Season 6 It's Time To Say A Prayer For 'The Fist Of Jesus'

With just less than two weeks to go until The Walking Dead returns (October 11th in case you had forgotten) your passion for undead soap-operas must be reaching new levels of anxiety as you count down the seconds until we find out if Rick and the gang are going to be on the menu for those hungry walkers. But don't despair, there are other appetizers to keep you satiated and make you ponder the mysteries of life while you wait, for example, was Jesus the first zombie? Or was that Lazarus?

Who knows, but in this short film from last year the New Testament stories get a schlock film twist with some epic low-budget thrills in this mash up of religious parables and pop culture - It's probably what the remaking of the bible would look like if God has enlisted Quentin Tarantino to help write the script.

It's got everything, religious teachings, parables, Philistines, Romans, Cowboys (yep, you heard that right), gory FX and of course Jesus (the fisher of men) fighting the undead with fish, any fan of genre films will find lots and lots and lots to keep them entertained in this proof of concept film.

So sit back and enjoy the nearest thing to a spaghetti eastern you could ever wish for and check out www.fistofjesus.com if you want some more information about this gem of a film.

Oh, and before we forget, back to the Walking Dead Season 6, AMC has just unveiled a new The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere poster below.


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