Star Storm: The Destruction of Father - Star Wars Saga Re-edited Into A 1980s Low Budget Sci-Fi

If you ever watched the Star Wars movies and thought they would be much better if C3PO had been the protagonist then, well, this video is for you. Called Star Storm: The Destruction of Father it's a parody 1980s low budget sci-fi reworking of the prequels, the originals, and a 1980s Kellogg's cereal commercial that presents C3PO (or Creepio as he's called in the vid) as The Maker.

The video is by the Auralnauts who have not only managed to get the VHS lo-fi quality look spot-on, but also have the synthy soundtrack and cheesy narrator voice totally on point too.

If you had no idea what Star Wars is, say you'd been getting slowly digested by a sarlacc for the last 1,000 years, you would totally believe this was a legitimate sci-fi movie from 30 years ago.

As it stands, knowing the context just makes it more hilarious. And not only that but a movie that, as a Star Wars fan, you really want to see for real—just for the fun of it. Maybe they can crowdfund a feature-length version. And crowdfund some lawyers to fend off Disney too.

If you're a cult sci-fi fan of the 80s you might recognise some elements of the trailer (like the title, for a start)—and that's because it's not only a spoof of Star Wars but also of the trailer for the 1983 low budget sensation Metalstorm: The Destruction Of Jared-Syn.

Check out the trailer for that below.

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