Millennial Nivarna - Get Your Tattoos, Music And Craft Beers At Whole Foods' New Chain Of Stores

If you're the kind of person who might go out for some organic broccoli and decide you want a tattoo while you're there (like you do), then you're the demographic of Whole Foods new chain of store.

The "millennial-focused" (according to USA Today) stores are part of a new initiative called Friends of 365 which will see the company partner with startups and established independent businesses to offer various services in-store (or on the patio outside)—along with its wholesome food but at a cheaper price.

Just what those services might be is still undecided, but Whole Foods imagine they might be things like a tattoo parlour, a record store, craft beer, or whatever the hip young things are wanting.

"Friends of 365 may be any type of business" runs the website, "from food and drinks to fashion, body care products, services, and more. (Record shop? Tattoo parlor? Maybe!) And each 365 store may have a different mix of friends. The more variety, the merrier!" before continuing "Our Friends bring something powerful, something new and exciting, or known and trusted, but hip and cool for sure."

For sure! So, because there's no actual confirmation as to exactly what companies will be involved, we'll have to wait to see if tattooing and grocery shopping will, finally, meet in a retail space.

The first 365 store is due to open in May in Los Angeles and 10 more are planned for across the US by October 2017. So get your millennial ass down to your local store when it opens.

I wonder who the first person to get a tattoo of some organic broccoli will be?


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