#GrowingUpWithGlasses Hashtag Shows That The Struggle Is So Very Real For Spectacle Wearers

If you wore glasses as a child, or you wear glasses as an adult, and have had to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous spectacle-wearing fortune—like the pain of watching a 3D film or the oh-so-not-hilarious four-eyes jokes—then you can take solace in the hashtag that is #GrowingUpWithGlasses.

The struggle is most definitely real—too real perhaps. But that's why we have laughter, to laugh away the pain and the trauma of, say, opening up the dishwasher and temporarily losing your sight.

Or something as simple as a light shower of rain ruining your vision. Because laughter is the first step to healing.

All those small injustices you've had to bear on your shoulders because you wore or wear spectacles. You are not alone! These people were there with you, every step of the way.

And for those who's never worn glasses, this isn't for your two eyes, so look away.

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