Zone Out To This Awesome Video of Earth From Space Set To A Pink Floyd's 'Marooned'

If anybody's music is the perfect accompaniment to viewing footage of earth seen from the International Space Station, it's Brian Eno's. Only kidding! It is undoubtable Pink Floyd, who released this video last year of their song "Marooned" set to stunning, sped up footage of the ISS traveling over our planet.

It's all instrumental (from the 1994 album, The Division Bell), but that just adds to the impact as you soar over the earth watching aurora borealis while high-pitched guitars send you off on an accompanying sonic journey.

It's the perfect video to zone out to for a few minutes and let the day's stresses just wash over you. Who knows, maybe you've smoked one of those funny smelling cigarettes beforehand to add to the experience.


h/t IFL Science

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