Ultra Orthodox Jewish Musicians Sing Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' In Jerusalem

The Gat Brothers are two Jewish Chassidic musicians who have gathered quite a following in their home country, Israel. And you can see why, because they're great. In this video they do their rendition of Pink Floyd's classic song "Wish You Were Here" performing on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem on a warm summer's evening.

Both playing guitar they deliver a stunning cover of the track which features lyrics that are about Syd Barrett, the former Floyd band member who suffered a mental breakdown after taking too much LSD.

As well as being regular street musicians and singing a range of 60s and 70s rock songs like the Beatles’ “Come Together” and The Eagles’ “Hotel California” they also performed their version of Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" on Israeli TV talent show Rising Star back in 2014.

According to BreakingIsraelNews.com "Arie and Gil Gat, a rock-star brother duo, grew up in the secular southern city of Eilat. It was on the streets of this well known Israeli party destination that they developed a love for all things music. Sixteen years ago, the brothers began to explore their Jewish roots and began a journey towards becoming more religious. Arie, aged 48, is a professional guitarist and drummer. Gil, aged 37, spent several years playing jazz clubs and blues bars around New York City."

After their fame has brought them new audiences they've been praised not only for their musical talent, but also for challenging stereotypes of ultra Orthodox Jews and rock musicians—and demonstrating that music can bridge all divides.

Along with "Wish You Were Here" they've also covered the other ode to Syd Barrett from the same album that song is from. Listen to them singing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" below. Head to their Facebook page for more on them.

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