101-Year-Old Plays In Snow, Gets On TV, Has Most Adorable Reaction Ever

A proud son shot a video of his 101-year-old mom playing in the snow, making some snowballs and laughing as she threw them. He then uploaded the video to Facebook because it's a really cute and smile-inducing video.

People were so taken with centenarian Albina Foisy, from British Columbia, Canada, having fun in her ripe old age it racked up 8 million views. And rightly so, it's a wonderful video.

The incident, which has clearly struck a chord with people, started after Armand Foisy and his mom were driving and had to stop the car to turn it around when snow began to fall. But before he knew it Albina had jumped out the car to have some fun. "When you have a mother that's 101 years old, it's a good idea to keep the camera nearby for those special moments," he notes in the video.

Armand told The Huffington Post that his mom has an "unending curiosity" and "That has kept her going so well, because she wants to learn and experience. Mom is very astute and very aware of everything."

Equally adorable to her snowball throwing is her reaction to seeing herself on the local news after the snow-playing vid went viral. You can check that out below.

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