Here's How A Group Of Boys Reacted After Being Asked To Slap A Random Girl In the Street

The young boys in this video should go some way to giving cynics amongst us hope for future generations. In a slightly awkward video various young kids are asked to slap a girl in the face who they've just met in the street.

Not the usual thing you'd be expected to do.

Especially if you are a juvenile, and slightly dangerous if an adult is giving you permission to do it.

The video is part of a social experiment by journalist Luca Lavarone who's raising awareness of violence against women. At first they're asked to compliment the girl they've just met or make her laugh or caress her—then Lavarone drops the bombshell and asks them to slap her. "Slap her, hard!" he demands.

Thankfully that's when the boys' faces change and they look shocked and unhappy.

They're then asked why and their responses are exactly what you hope to hear. Faith in humanity restored.

Whether the whole thing is a set up or not, it's an encouraging video and if it highlights domestic violence, then that's only a good thing.


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