1st Time Versus 101st Time - 7 Activities That Subtly Change The More You Continue To Do Them

It's difficult to tell whether, with the passage of time, you get wiser but one thing that you definitely get is a lot more cynical. It's a sad fact of life with some things that we all used to get so excited about when we were younger lose their appeal as we age.

With age comes scorn, a shrinking of hope and a sense of scepticism for pretty much everything ever.

And that goes for certain activities too. Your enthusiasm for them wanes, whether that be flying on a plane or ordering a coffee or going shopping for groceries. The first time it seems new and exciting, but that gets slowly sucked out of you until you're just a hollow shell of indifference and disdain.

It seems that everything that was once exciting suddenly becomes the norm, and when it hits that level it joins the growing list of everything that you deem to be a chore. I wonder if there is some kind of equation, or even some magic remedy for this because some of the activities listed below are on my list of 'favorite things to do'

Please don't take them away from me in such a cruel way.

College Humor have detailed seven of the more pleasurable activities in life that differ the more you do them.

Most of them get worse, but not all of them.


H/T - College Humor

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