Honest Company Slogans - 63 Examples That Would Make Total Sense If Brands Told The Truth

Brands use slogans as a kind of advertising voodoo so we'll read them and they'll have some Don Draper-like affect on us, hypnotising us with their succinct yet oh-so-revealing-but-not-too-revealing wisdom.

But we live in more cynical times than when the Don Drapers walked Madison Avenue.

These days company slogans just make us think of how we're being tricked into buying things we don't really need. That's not to say slogans aren't needed in the modern world, of course they are.

But maybe they need to be written with a bit more honesty.

And that's what Clif Dickens, a graphic designer from Nashville, has done in his series of brutally and hilariously honest advertising slogans. Check them out in the gallery above.

And if you're too lazy to browse through the gallery, here it is in video format.

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