18 Socially Awkward Things We All Did In Our Youth, But Will Never Admit To Doing

Lets face it, growing up was never as easy as we thought it would be, for some reason the freedom of our childhood, the ability to do anything you wanted to and not worry about how silly it looked seemed to evaporate as soon as we hit our teens and the realization that the rest of the world was collectively studying your every move.

For some of us it was a time of hell, the inability to do anything right and unusual talent to draw mass attention to anything we did wrong, it just seemed to go on and on with no hope of it ever ending.

But end it did and a child of 'generation X' we can look back with bemused smug faces and give a smile to 'generation Y' who, for some, are currently working their way through the tangled web of social awkwardness that is the 'teens' - and to help you through this turbulent time we will share with you some of the things that used to consume our minds, body and soul with terror.

For those off you who are about to enter this realm we salute you.


1. For some reason you suddenly become aware of how you are walking and completely lose all control of your motor skills.


2. You open a birthday card in front of a relative and pretend not to notice how much money has been put inside while you struggle to read the card.


3. An attractive person starts to talk to you and you think to yourself, "this must be some kind of prank!"


4. You fail to hear what someone is saying to you for the third time so you resort to laughing and just hoping for the best.


5. It's Friday afternoon and school's over and all you can think about is "YAY, the weekend, no human interaction until Monday"


6. In a group conversation you try to start to say something three times and every time someone else talks over you.


7. Being unable to turn and walk in the opposite direction without first taking your phone out and frowning at it.


8. Your parents have company over so you are forced to stay in your room until they leave....Just in case you have to meet them.


9. Being unable to say, "Well, this is fun!", without sounding like you are having the worst time in your life.


10. Scream inside your head "OH GOD NO!" when your teacher says, "OK class, find yourselves a partner"


11. You accidentally make a sound that resembles a fart and keep making that sound to confirm to everyone that IT WASN'T A FART!


12. At a party you fail to catch someone's name so you make sure you avoid them for the rest of the evening.


13. You concentrate on making eye contact with an attractive person during a conversation and totally miss what they were saying because you were too busy maintaining eye contact.


14. You have arguments with yourself inside your head while you make the appropriate facial reactions to the world, making everyone around you assume you are insane.


15. You are unable to pay for things with the right change without saying "I think that's right?"


16. When playing your new favorite song to friends you can't help but say "it gets better in a minute"


17. You make a phone call to your crush and think to yourself "OH GOD, PLEASE DON'T PICK UP!"


18. When you are using the bathroom at a party someone knocks on the door and you have no idea how to respond.


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