Worst First Date Ever? Woman's Cautionary Tale Involves Poop, Handbags, And Too Much Coffee

First dates are always anxious events, there is so much pressure to present yourself in the best way possible, try to make pleasant conversation, act interested, not have any dreaded silences, and above all, avoid doing anything even vaguely embarrassing.

And while all of this is going on try to work out if you actually like the person you are on a date with.

Let this be a warning to us all. One woman suffered through a horrific and terribly embarrassing first date, so hopefully you won't have to. That woman was called Makela from Toronto.

It's a story that involves drinking too much coffee before embarking on a date and the unfortunate consequences of that. Consequences that involve poop in a handbag and a toilet that doesn't flush.

It's such an epic tale of humiliation and shame that Makela had to unburden herself and recollect the entire disturbing series of events on twitter in a cathartic attempt to put all the shame she felt to rest.

And you'll be grateful that she decided to do that, because it's a gripping and hilarious tale.

And it's something that, sure we might not be able to directly relate to—hopefully no one's had to go through this before—but we've all had shitty (don't excuse the pun) first dates, just not like this.

Dear God, not like this.

Anyway, have a read of Makela's hilarious saga which starts with the immortal line "I have a story to tell. It is about my poop."

Since tweeting about her date Makela is now internet famous, but while that means people have been flooding her with support it does have its downsides too.

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