31 Of The Most Disturbing Images That Get More Uncomfortable The Longer You Look

There are different types of disturbing images, there are those that are upfront about it. You look at the picture and the troublesome aspects of it are immediately clear. Then there's another type where the disquieting qualities are hidden in plain sight. The former hits you straight away, the latter takes it's time.

And that's what these disturbing images are, the type where the longer you stare at them, the more disturbing and worse it gets. A quick glance, a mere surface look and all seems well. Or well-ish. But then a few moments of concentration, be it only a second, and the sinister, creepy, or just downright strange aspects begin to sharpen.

It will cause you to involuntary start blinking, or rub your eyes, or just recoil in shock. Or maybe just laugh. Be it a disturbing image of Disney princesses with all kinds of bothersome goings-on. Sweet, but they will haunt you.

Or maybe an image of a car turned on its side, with a smiling elderly man standing next to it. But then, through the windscreen, is that his wife trapped inside smiling away too like its a vacation snap? Very haunting.

Some images are more freaky than others, like the faceswap ones for example. There's just something deeply wrong about those. Hauntingly so. But all these pics will have some impact on you in their own unsettling way.

Check out some of the most disturbing images below. And remember to look closer. Closer. Closer...

These Disturbing Images Will Haunt Your Soul

Most Disturbing Images 01.
Blue Plate Special by Jeff Lee Johnson

Most Disturbing Images 02.
Most Disturbing Images 03.
Most Disturbing Images 04.
Most Disturbing Images 05.
Most Disturbing Images 06.
Most Disturbing Images 07.
Most Disturbing Images 08.
Most Disturbing Images 09.
weird picture 05.
weird picture 04.
weird picture 03.
weird picture 02.
creepy picture 01.
creepy picture 02.
creepy picture 03.
creepy picture 04.
creepy 05.
wtf photo 06.
wtf photo 07.
wtf photo 08.
wtf photo 09.
wtf photo 10.
wtf photo 11.
scary pictures 12.
scary pictures.
scary pictures 04.
scary pictures 03.
scary pictures 02.
scary pictures 01.
wtf photo 01.

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