58 Honest Slogans That Make Total Sense And Are Way More Accurate Than The Actual Brands

The power of marketing is everywhere, but it's not often you get honest slogans. In fact it's almost never. They never represent the brand accurately. But that hasn't stopped Imgur user AmishDragRacing from providing a whole loads of honest brand slogans for all types of products, from carbonated water to Starbucks coffee.

Many of them come from graphic designer Clif Dickens who lives in Nashville and created a series called Honest Slogans, where he turned global company's slogans into something much more, well, accurate.

They cut through all that spiel that tricks you into believing a product will be nothing short of life-changing. They get to the bottomline of not what the product necessarily does, but what we all know it for. Or know about it.

"A lot of them are a bit harsh, I guess," Dickens told Business Insider. "I try to make it so that even if Kmart or another company were to see it, they could kind of nod their heads in agreement. I try to keep it tasteful, but it's a little bit tongue-in-cheek." It's true, once you see Clif's slogans you know that they are perfect for the brand.

Give Us The Honest Slogans We Want!

Honest Slogans That Make Total Sense - 35.

For instance, the one about BIC ballpoint pens makes reference to the fact that you somehow always acquire them, rather than purchase them. Or the fact that The North Face make jackets for people hiking in the great outdoors, but are more likely to be found on kids in the school playground.

The fact is, probably many brands would earn some kudos if they ditched the marketing crap and instead spoke to the consumer straight up. Sure some people might miss the joke, but many more people would get it. Maybe they could do, like, a certain part of the year using a more candid slogan.

Just give us some honesty. Give us some honest slogans, goddammit. We'll still buy your products. Honest.

Here's 58 to start with which marketing departments can be thinking over.

These Honest Slogans Are Way More Accurate

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honest slogans - 02.
honest slogans - 03.
honest slogans - 04.
honest slogans - 05.
honest slogans - 05.
honest slogans - 06.
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honest slogans31.
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